Sunday, January 11, 2009

Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

Hi Folks!
All children enter the Kingdom of Heaven when using their imagination. There is no limited space or time. All is bliss. All is real.
We can learn from children. Use the power of your imagination. The ability to imagine can get us through difficult times and even solve the problems we previously believed could not be solved.
Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." He was right.
The power of imagination is the ultimate problem solver. One dramatic example of the power of imagination is that of Air Force Colonel George Hall. He was a POW locked in the dark box of a North Vietnamese prison for seven grueling years. Every day Hall played a full game of golf in his imagination. Now get this.... One week after Hall was released from his POW camp he entered the Greater New Orleans Open and shot a 76!
Another astonishing account is that of Vera Fryling, M.D. A Jewish teenager on the run from the Gestapo, she lived undercover in Berlin during the Holocaust. During this time she imagined that she was a doctor, a psychiatrist in a free land. Overcoming the Nazis, Soviet army and a bout with cancer, Fryling ended up on the faculty of the San Francisco Medical School. "Imagination," she says, "can help one transcend the insults life has dealt us."
Imagination is simply the ability to form a mental image of something. If Hall and Fryling could imagine themselves free of agonizing conditions like they were experiencing, don't you think you can imagine yourself free of money troubles?
Imagine how your life would change if your debt was wiped out. How would it affect your relationship with others? Would you have more time? Imagine how you would sleep at night with no more bills. Imagine how you would feel about yourself now that your money troubles were finally over? How would it feel to finally be in control of your financial situation instead of your money troubles controlling you?
All is bliss. All is real. Imagine. I can help you make it come true.
God Bless,
Michael Mack, Attorney and "The Credit Man"

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