Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wipe Out Worry and Frustration

Hi Friends:

Imagine you were given a tool that would instantly wipe out all the moments of worry, anxiety, frustration and anger you feel because of your financial trouble. This tool that would obliterate worry and self-doubt - everytime.

And this tool didn't just help you wipe out negative feelings - it literally helped you think as if you were debt free by making you think healthy thoughts. Every time you used this tool your mind would relax and all of the negative thoughts would escape like air from a balloon.

Well, in the next few months, I am going to teach people who attend my free seminar how to use the tool which has changed my life the lives of thousands of others. I'm going to teach a limited number of people:

How to quickly eliminate credit card debt without bankruptcy.

How to save a home without bankruptcy.

How to learn the truth about bankruptcy and whether it's right for you.

How to slash tax to the bone.

How to start a home based business and bring in an extra $2200 to $5800 a month.

How to eliminate risk when obtaining credit.

How to discover jealously guarded secrets to boosting your credit score instantly.

And I'll save the last for best. Because I'll reveal the "tool" which can push you past failure and propel you to success. Visit my web site at for more information on upcoming free seminars.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There is No "Magic Pill".... Just Scam Artists and Quacks

There is no "Magic Pill". It doesn't exist.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is not true. I'm seeing more and more people come into my office who have been scammed by "Debt Management" companies who promise the moon but deliver cow pies (B.S.).

Folks, be careful out there. Take an honest look at your situation and hire a professional who has a proven track record of helping people. And by the way, the Better Business Bureau is not the only test of whether a business is legitimate. I'm an Accredited Member of the BBB but just because I am doesn't make me an expert in brain surgery. In other words, you can become a member of the Better Business Bureau and still not know 'jack' about solving credit and debt problems.

It's become popular on the Internet to hype one simple idea, claim it offers a magic one-shot cure for everything, and then charge the moon for it. For example, the so called "Debt Management" companies like "Credit Solutions" and others make a lot of money with ultra slick marketing and "easy" solutions. They claim they can help you even if you live in another state (Credit Solutions is based in Texas) and even though it's illegal in many states to offer what they offer.

So folks, think things through before you leap. If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not good for you. The pill can be bitter to swallow.

In medicine, doctors who sell one-shot cure-alls like this are called quacks. They're not respected and no educated person knowingly does business with them. Is it possible to make a lot of money being a quack?

Sure it is.

And on the Internet you can be a "quack" and not face the kind of legal ramifications that people practicing bad medicine do. That's what makes Debt Management Companies dangerous. They are not held accountable.

So know that there is no "Magic Pill", but there are dedicated professionals who offer solutions. Choose carefully if you are in debt. Don't make things worse for yourself.

God Bless you all!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to Instantly Wipe Out Worry

Wipe out your worry instantly. Right now and at this very second.

Personally, I became debt free in 1997 the day I began to believe I was debt free. According to my creditors and my empty bank account, I was up to my eyeballs in debt – tax debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt. My credit was a mess.

But I refused to believe it. I refused to see myself as dead broke. The most important place you need to be debt free is…. in your mind.

A “switch” needs to go off in your head where you instantly begin to see yourself as debt free and credit healthy. Others might say I was delusional when I believed I was free of money troubles even though my creditors claimed otherwise.

Hey, I’ll take that kind of delusion any day over constant worry and stress. I was delusional, but in a very healthy and invigorating new way!

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a great book called You'll See it When You Believe It.

Read the title very carefully. Read it out loud because you will see financial freedom when you believe it will happen! Dr. Dyer’s book helped change my life ten years ago because from that moment on I refused to believe I was in financial trouble.

What I learned was that in order to become debt free you need to shake up your reality. Some people come into my office and it doesn’t matter what I say to them, they believe all is lost. You can see a look of defeat or close mindedness on their face. They have closed off the wonderful possibilities before them. They don’t believe in me and, worse, they don’t believe in themselves.

How sad. Because what I see sitting across the table from me is a debt free person. I see a family starting again. I see hope. I see no worries! I want to shake up your reality!

Do you believe what I see? All you need is belief or, as some people call it, faith.

You can call it what you want. But know that faith is real and it will change everything once you give it a try. Christ told us if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Think what you can do with your debt if you have faith!

When I look upon the list of all the people I’ve helped, I can't help but note that the success rate is amazingly high. It is absolutely staggering!

I would love to see you absorb my knowledge and my desire. But first you need to believe. Once you believe, you’ll see your life re-born.

You will see money troubles disappear instantly when you believe it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tomorrow is a New Day

What is true today is not true tomorrow. Tomorrow is a better day. It’s not a cliché folks. It is a fact. If today you are suffering from money troubles then tomorrow you have an opportunity to stop suffering. Tomorrow your world can change. It’s up to you.

Check out this quote from Tiger Woods. He is talking about you….

“I view my life in a way … I'll explain it to you, OK?” he told his small audience in Florida. “The greatest thing about tomorrow is, I will be better than I am today. And that's how I look at my life. I will be better as a golfer, I will be better as a person, I will be better as a father, I will be a better husband, I will be better as a friend. That's the beauty of tomorrow. There is no such thing as a setback. The lessons I learn today I will apply tomorrow, and I will be better.”
I’m here to help you make tomorrow a better day. There is no such thing as a permanent setback. That’s the beauty of tomorrow. Call me today so tomorrow will be better. Life is short and time is wasting. Better tomorrows are coming your way. But it’s up to you.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

St. Paul Tells Us...

Saint Paul tells us, “Bear one another’s burdens and you shall fulfill the law of Christ.” (Gal 6:2). That’s hard to do, however. People often are more concerned with their own burdens that they fail to see the burdens of others.

My dad once told me, “Son, a man is often more concerned with a boil on his neck than 10,000 people starving in another country.” Sad but true. Out of sight out of mind, in other words.

My mission in life is to see your financial burden and help you bear it. I made that choice 10 years ago when I went from representing the credit card industry to representing the people who carry the burden of credit card debt.

Virtue has to do with choices we make in life, and compassion enables us to choose to bear the burdens of others because it unites us with each other and gives us a higher purpose – it allows your story to become my story, your life to become my life. It allows us to become closer to each other and to God.

You see, we really are in this together. God made it that way.

If you have any doubt about this read the testimonials on my web site or watch the DVD. In each and every story, my life has affected my client’s life and my client’s life has in turn affected my life.

As you go forward in your life think of your burden as an opportunity to not only change your life but to be an example to others who share the same burden as you once carried. I’m here to help you bear your burden.

I’ll talk with you soon.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


If you are willing to make some slight adjustments in your thinking and you are willing to follow a simple plan then this can be the year you finally break through and take control of your life.

How can you do it? The same way I did. The same way thousands of others have done it too. I'll show you and I may even push and propel you when needed!

This year, for me, is important because it marks the ten year anniversary of when I lost everything and started over. This is an important year for me, and for you. Stay tuned to my blog and my web site. I predict you will be blown away but what is going to happen to your life.