Monday, January 12, 2009

Are You Willing to be Scammed?

Hi Folks!

Some people are their own worst enemy, but God love 'em anyway.

See, I just go an email from some poor guy in New Mexico who wanted to give me his opinion on something which I thought, at first reading, was a supposed to be a joke..... but this dude was serious! I couldn't stop laughing at this stuff he received from some "asset protection" company in Florida.... it was priceless.... and it was also sad!

Look, we live in amazing times. We live in desperate times. I guess that's why so many folks buy into stuff that is preposterous on its face.

Here are my reasons why people get scammed:


There is no more fragile a mind than one that is in desperation. A lot of people and I mean a lot of people do some of the stupidest things when they are desperate. Desperation due to financial situations can be the most depressing and can cause great harm in other areas of your life too such as in your relationships with your spouse.


Do some research and apply some common sense. Look for tell tale signs of scams. Is there a licensed attorney who can answer your questions? Is there a better business bureau rating? Does the business continue to call you trying to get you to buy? Does the service ask for substantial money up front? Does the company make promises too good to be true? Are these people real experts featured on national newspapers and media?

Bad Habits

People who get scammed often have developed a queer habit of actually liking what scammers and schemers put on the table for you. You just like to be dazzled by the figures and the lights surrounding the images that they give you when you commit to them whole heartedly. I am not sure whether you have heard of the idea that human beings are creatures of habit and that we just love doing the same things over and over again even if it doesn’t make sense to follow that habit and course of action.

Some people are like sea monkeys that have light shone on them. You know those sea monkeys right? They are those crustaceans that live in the ocean and when given water and salt, actually spring to life. These are marine creatures. Try shining light on them and they will start swimming in circles and will continue to do so until the light ends.

Don’t be a sea monkey people. Start thinking right and get out of that bad habit!

Wrong Social Influence/No Guidance

Many victims of scams just don’t have the right mentors to help them figure things out. I feel badly for these folks because they are searching, but no one is there for them to show them the way, or at least the right way.

Each client of mine needs my guidance, my support, my knowledge, my experience. I won’t tell a client what they want to hear, I’ll tell them what they need to hear.

My "medicine" is not always the sweetest, but I can guarantee you it's not a scam, and my solutions are proven to work. Just ask my clients. They are real.

God Bless,

Michael Mack, "The Credit Man"

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