Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Turn Your Life Around, Turn in a Different Direction

Let go.

If you're in debt then chances are you've been facing the wrong way for a long time. You need to turn in a different direction. Let go of your anger, your bitterness, your embarrassment, and your pride. Don't be afraid. You have nothing to fear.

Let go of the harmful emotions. Let go of the past.

What drives your life today is the positive energy you create now. Now is your time.

Some people doubt me when I tell them, "You can turn your life around now." I feel bad for these people. Because they've already lost.

Shakespeare said, "Our doubts are our traitors." Rid yourself of doubt, and you can rid yourself of your debt. More than that, you can truly be free of the harmful things that have kept you down for so long.

The great car maker Enzo Ferrari said, "What can be conceived, can be created." He knew, as others have known, that life is what you create in your mind, or what you destroy. Think of a life free of debt. Can you imagine? Yes, you can!

Let go of your doubt. And then I'll help you let go of your debt.

God Bless,

Michael Mack, Attorney (a/k/a "The Credit Man")

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