Sunday, March 2, 2008

St. Paul Tells Us...

Saint Paul tells us, “Bear one another’s burdens and you shall fulfill the law of Christ.” (Gal 6:2). That’s hard to do, however. People often are more concerned with their own burdens that they fail to see the burdens of others.

My dad once told me, “Son, a man is often more concerned with a boil on his neck than 10,000 people starving in another country.” Sad but true. Out of sight out of mind, in other words.

My mission in life is to see your financial burden and help you bear it. I made that choice 10 years ago when I went from representing the credit card industry to representing the people who carry the burden of credit card debt.

Virtue has to do with choices we make in life, and compassion enables us to choose to bear the burdens of others because it unites us with each other and gives us a higher purpose – it allows your story to become my story, your life to become my life. It allows us to become closer to each other and to God.

You see, we really are in this together. God made it that way.

If you have any doubt about this read the testimonials on my web site or watch the DVD. In each and every story, my life has affected my client’s life and my client’s life has in turn affected my life.

As you go forward in your life think of your burden as an opportunity to not only change your life but to be an example to others who share the same burden as you once carried. I’m here to help you bear your burden.

I’ll talk with you soon.