Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to Instantly Wipe Out Worry

Wipe out your worry instantly. Right now and at this very second.

Personally, I became debt free in 1997 the day I began to believe I was debt free. According to my creditors and my empty bank account, I was up to my eyeballs in debt – tax debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt. My credit was a mess.

But I refused to believe it. I refused to see myself as dead broke. The most important place you need to be debt free is…. in your mind.

A “switch” needs to go off in your head where you instantly begin to see yourself as debt free and credit healthy. Others might say I was delusional when I believed I was free of money troubles even though my creditors claimed otherwise.

Hey, I’ll take that kind of delusion any day over constant worry and stress. I was delusional, but in a very healthy and invigorating new way!

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a great book called You'll See it When You Believe It.

Read the title very carefully. Read it out loud because you will see financial freedom when you believe it will happen! Dr. Dyer’s book helped change my life ten years ago because from that moment on I refused to believe I was in financial trouble.

What I learned was that in order to become debt free you need to shake up your reality. Some people come into my office and it doesn’t matter what I say to them, they believe all is lost. You can see a look of defeat or close mindedness on their face. They have closed off the wonderful possibilities before them. They don’t believe in me and, worse, they don’t believe in themselves.

How sad. Because what I see sitting across the table from me is a debt free person. I see a family starting again. I see hope. I see no worries! I want to shake up your reality!

Do you believe what I see? All you need is belief or, as some people call it, faith.

You can call it what you want. But know that faith is real and it will change everything once you give it a try. Christ told us if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Think what you can do with your debt if you have faith!

When I look upon the list of all the people I’ve helped, I can't help but note that the success rate is amazingly high. It is absolutely staggering!

I would love to see you absorb my knowledge and my desire. But first you need to believe. Once you believe, you’ll see your life re-born.

You will see money troubles disappear instantly when you believe it.